Marketing Strategy

Market Studies and Product Positioning Strategies

Market research and analysis is undertaken to develop recommendations regarding Community Concepts, Development Phasing Strategies and specific Residential Product Programs.  This research has several major components as follows:

1. Trends - Social, Political, Economic, and Environmental:
Trends research at the macro level to anticipate changes in society, political influences, the economy and the environment, which affect what your company will create and deliver

2. Trends - Community, Village, Neighborhood, Product, and Services:
Trends research to determine how people will live, their lifestyle preferences and what they will want in future communities, villages, neighborhoods, housing and services

3. Economic and Demographic:
Economic and demographic research to understand and determine the quantity of market opportunity and estimate potential demand

4. Competitive (Future Developments, New Projects and Resales):
Competitive research to understand the degree of competition and its quality, as well as quantity, in order to establish standards of value (future, new and resale)

5. Consumer and Psychographics:
Consumer research to determine the market segmentation strategy and define niche opportunities in terms of buyer needs, wants and desires, in order to guide the community, village, neighborhood and product diversification strategies and plans

6. Product, Pricing and Program:
Product, pricing and program research and analysis to reach conclusions and recommendations, expressed in terms of specific design criteria regarding the housing products, pricing strategies and marketing/sales programs to satisfy identified market needs and consumer preferences

7. Company/Culture:
Company and culture research and analysis or assessment to understand where the company has been, how it is operating at present, and where it can and should go in the future


Competitive Research & Analysis

Competitive research and analysis is undertaken in order to identify product and program opportunities based on actual experience in the marketplace. Innovation and creative imitation of successful products and programs in the local market area, as well as borrowing ideas from other areas, is key to ensuring success and profitability of new communities and projects. 


Pricing & Premiums Studies

In the planning stage, the evaluation of competitive pricing and premiums provides the information for the initial feasibility analysis and profit planning. As projects near opening, sales success is dependent on a company’s ability to set prices which balance attracting the target markets, achieving the absorption goals, and yielding the profit objectives. After projects open, pricing to market is the best tool for maximizing the financial return in the short-run.