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33 Guiding Principles & Strategies

The planning, development and marketing of communities in the 21st century requires an expanded palette of principles and strategies to address people's changing wants and needs. 33 Guiding Principles and Strategies are provided to assist the landowner, developer, builder, community, public sector, and other stakeholders in creating a shared vision to provide meaningful and special places for the future.

 1. Vision, Visionary Leadership and Purpose

 2. Market Driven Strategic Planning and Positioning

 3. Market Segmentation and Product Diversification

 4. Absorption and Market Share

 5. Land and Net Present Value Optimization

 6. Consumer and Customer Orientation

 7. Lifestyle and Life Stage Targeting

 8. Community/Village/Neighborhood Framework and Hierarchy

 9. Village-/Amenity-Focused Planning and Phasing

10. Vision Presentations, Design Guidelines and Development Codes

11. Shared Vision of Strategic Alliance Partners and Organizational Effectiveness

12. Health and Wellness

13. Education and Lifelong Learning

14. Social Infrastructure and Soft Programming

15. Community Governance

16. Safety and Security

17. Information and Telecommunications Technology

18. Environmental Sensitivity, Sustainable Development and Smart Growth

19. Green and Sustainable Building

20. Cultural Diversity, Religious Choice and the Arts

21. Sense of Place, People Gathering Places and Walkability

22. Visually Enhanced and Aesthetically Pleasing Environments/Vitruvius

23. Neighborhood Diversity - A New Urbanism/Suburban Eclectic

24. Blend of the Natural and Man-Made Environments

25. Developer/Builder Relationships and Land Transactions

26. Affordable Housing

27. Integration of Complementary Land Uses and Transportation

28. Economic Development, Jobs/Housing Balance, and Employment

29. Economic Viability for all Stakeholders

30. Critical Mass Marketing and Merchandising

31. Community Developer as Grand Conductor

32. Choices for Quality of Life Enrichment

33. Community Life Cycle Plan and Strategy